I am Kaveri Mandal Chunder and currently working as an IT Professional in Bangalore. With the working schedule especially on weekends I love to follow some blogs and try out new dishes in my kitchen or experimenting with the newly opened restaurants in Bangalore.

About Cooking:

I was not a cooking fan. My mother cooks great and I am always an ardent fan of her cooking skills. When I was kid, I never bothered about what she was cooking as whatever she prepares I love them a lot or better I should say she knows what I love. Me and my sister always had different choices as if she is north I am south, but till today I don’t really know how my mother used to accommodate both of our liking for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And of course me and my sister share our hearts out about life. I have seen my father that when having food prepared by my mother, his face shows ‘don’t worry be cool’ attitude of life.

I never ever used to visit my kitchen except for drinking water or in case if mom is busy with cooking something and I need her, then only I used to enter kitchen. Except that nor me neither my sister were very passionate about cooking. My father is a retired Air force personnel and we used to move from one camp to other in every 3-4 years. So socializing with different culture my mother used to learn few regional dishes from neighbors like Punjabi Kadhi, Cake, Northindian Pickle, South Indian Idli – Dosa – Sambar and of course my hometown Bengali food.

Sometimes if few of our family friends or relatives used to visit our house for lunch or dinner or even snacks they always used to be very happy with the flavours so I thought to name the blog as Flavour-bash.

I born in Kolkata and due to my father’s transferable job I completed my schooling from different states of India i.e., Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat. After marriage I shifted to Bangalore and currently staying with my husband. My husband is brought up in Kolkata – a paradise for food lover. So he is a fan of good food. He used to follow all the restaurants in Bangalore and even few restaurateur knew him very well. While accompanying my husband to try out the restaurant food every weekend I came across the different combination of spices with varieties of food served by specialised restaurants. That raised my interest into trying out different dishes at home following different blogs. He encouraged me a lot as a true adviser through spot-on review. My bother-in-law Subhadip is always ready to get him invited for lunch or dinner to try out my new recipes. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law encouraged a lot to try out new recipes. My brother-in-law Debashish da always raised my spirit to start writing a blog.


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